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We will always be on-time, thorough, and provide the best quality service and material for your lawn and garden needs!

We are a family owned and operated Lawn, Gardening and Maintenance Company that takes pride in our work and wants your garden to look like it is truly cared for. 

Our Mission:

  • To be on time
  • To quote reasonable rates
  • To do the best job we can, every time
  • To make you happy and your garden look great! 

Here is what a few of our customers say!


 G.M. of Gainesville - "Having you work in our yard was something to see, the yard turned out great!                                             Thanks again."

 W.M. of Gainesville - "When I came out the yard was finished and more was done in less time than                                             ever before.  The tree transplant was amazing."

G.G. of Alachua - The whole 6 Acres was mowed nice and faster than I expected.  The saplings along                                 the fence line being removed made a big difference."

K.  of Gainesville - "The garden has not looked so nice since my wife worked it daily!"

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 Monthly contracts available for year round upkeep! Click here for added benefits of a monthly visit. Let us do the work and mow; you sit back and watch it grow! Your needs can be tailored to your specific requirements! Some of what we can do is listed below.

Lawn Care
Mowing - Large or small areas, finish and clearing

Aerating - Do this off season too for a greener lawn.  Done quarterly on monthly contracts

De-thatching - If mulching or not, too much build up promotes fungal growth and oxygen transfer.

Bug treatment - If you are seeing spots or yellowing, it may not be fungus or lack of fertilizer!  Done quarterly on monthly contracts.

Fertilizing - Measure Ph and fertilize for best results.  We use slow release that is only required yearly in the beginning of the growing season.

Edging - along all driveways, walkways, edges and tree circles.

Weed removal and trimming - Be sure to have your weeds removed in the first wet times at the beginning of the season and before any can go to seed!

Garden Care and Upkeep

Update Annuals

Soil preparation

Winterize by turning soil, fertilizing, and mulching to hold water and heat.

Pruning/Thinning of bushes and hedges to promote filling in for next seasons trimming.

Pruning/Cut back of plants that require it (Roses, Crape Myrtle, ect.)

Removal and replacement of dead or dying plants

Irrigation check-up, installation, cleaning and freeze protection.

Tilling - of areas for planting preparation, even large areas for vegetable or flower gardens.

Cleaning and Clearing

Brush removal and bush hawg mowing of larger areas.

Cutting and branch removal from around trees and shrubs

Thinning of hedges and bushes - do this in the off season to promote inside filling of growth the season before any major cutting.

Pressure washing of:






Dirt Road repair and dragging/smoothing!